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Acronis claims its Backup-12 software is the fastest on the planet

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August 1, 2016

We've heard today that Acronis is claiming its Backup-12 software is the fastest data backup protection technology on the planet.

An EMC partner senior technology engineer says it's not, and has numbers that he asserts proves he's right.

Acronis says in a release that-- "According to the latest report published by Network Testing Labs, Acronis Backup-12 has largely outperformed other competitors. It only takes about thirty-five minutes to back up 180 GB of data with Acronis, compared to higher numbers with anything else on the market."

We have been contacted by a senior technical architect and installation engineer at an EMC premier partner, who objects to Acronis' strong claim.

He asserts-- "It's not even a fast speed which is odd, our basic Backup Exec installations can do this. When you work out the numbers, it's about 83.3 MB per second, the fastest speed you would see down a 1 GbitE port without any acceleration."

"Overall, DDBoost on its own can do about 450 MB per second down a 1 GbitE port. When you add virtual machine change block tracking and only move 1 percent to 15 percent it's much faster again," he added.

He provided details of two backup installations using EMC software saying-- "Both installations are EMC NetWorker 8.2 with EMC VBA backup appliances sending the data to EMC Data Domain via DDBoost. The VBA appliances are based on EMC Avamar technology."

He also provided two screenshots for them-- "The images are from two different installations. The first is a very large council backing up a 1.8 TB VMware server. The backup took 13.54 minutes and was boosting to 19 GB/sec."

The second installation was a very large retailer's main database server. This was around the same size as the first server and backs up at 25 GB/sec. These backups are using multiple mechanisms to do this.

"On some sites, there are up to 150 of these running at the same time, all with the same performance. I have large airports back up and finish the whole VMware environment in less than one hour. The VBAs are using hot add, source-based direct LUN access deduplication, DDboost and VMware change block tracking. The VBA can use all the mechanisms in reverse, unlike any other product on the market", he added.

"EMC VBA can also make any backed-up VMware server appear instantly on the Data Domain, automatically connect the Data Domain to VMware as a data store, register the server, power it on and storage VMotion it back to the VMware SAN that it was originally running on while fully working from the Data Domain."

His conclusion is that the Acronis "fastest data protection technology in the world" claim is not justifiable in this case.

We asked Acronis about this and the company responded-- "The Network Testing Lab has performed the tests on the identical equipment for each test, as defined in the Lab report. In this process, the Lab aimed to re-create a typical environment representative of average Acronis business customers. In this typical environment, Acronis software has outperformed the competition, showing results from 60 percent to 100 percent faster, with all other variables being the same."

"Note that, as for any backup software, the actual performance depends on multiple factors including, but not limited to, the CPU number and frequency, RAM capacities and speed, source HDD/RAID model, performance and latency, storage performance, cache speeds and capacities, network throughput, bandwidth, load, network switch models, and more," the company added.

"For example, if the environment would have high-end CPUs, extremely fast 100 GbitE+ network or optical Fibre Channel, multi-tier accelerated SSD RAID arrays with sizeable cache for SAN and storage, the results would differ by an order of magnitude," Acronis added.

"To summarize, as with any test in a different environment, the actual results can differ significantly due to any of the factors listed above, and cannot be directly attributed only to the backup software," it added.

In addition, according to the lab, "Acronis Backup-12 is proving to be faster than both Veritas BE 15 and Veeam Availability Suite 9. We also find in our testing that the Acronis Backup user interface is easier and more intuitive to use than that of the other two products."

Source: Acronis Inc.

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