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IDC: revenue for converged systems surpasses the $10 billion a year mark

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December 23, 2015

According to various industry analysts at IDC Market Research, annual revenue for converged systems has surpassed the $10 billion mark for 2015.

IDC's new 'Worldwide Quarterly Converged Systems Tracker' for 2015's third quarter indicates that revenue was up 6.2 percent year over year to $2.5 billion.

About 1,261 petabytes of new storage capacity was recorded during the quarter. That's up 34.8 percent compared to last year's third quarter.

To be exact, IDC counts three types of converged infrastructure, starting with integrated systems like those offered by Oracle.

Larry Ellison's main rival VCE also leads that market with quarterly revenue of about $483 million, representing 27.8 percent of the market.

However, HP and Oracle trail, on 22.5 percent and 21.3 percent market share, respectfully.

In the second category, IDC tracks its so-called 'certified reference systems'-- a field in which the Cisco/NetApp FlexPods come out on top with about a 44.9 percent share ahead of EMC's efforts and those of Hitachi Data Systems.

The third category is hyperconverged systems that “provide all compute and storage functions through the same server-based resources.”

Such systems managed to get just under 11 percent of the converged systems market. IDC isn't yet breaking out the winners in this category, but it's difficult to see it resisting for long if one looks at the the ever-increasing revenues for hyperconverged systems.

For the record, the revenue for such systems over the last five quarters was $109 million, $138 million, $164 million, $196 million and $279 million.

Such growth defies the graph's seasonal drops in overall converged systems sales and goes a long way towards explaining why Nutanix has decided to take the company public.

Source: IDC Market Research.

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