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Manage IT: Is your company's obsolete tech holding your business back?

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January 20, 2016

Information technology (IT) covers all manner of issues within a business. It deals with setting up hardware, software systems, various upgrades, security patches and ongoing training and evaluation.

IT is an incredibly complex part of any business and yet an essential one in the modern world. Unfortunately, many businesses today are not sufficiently equipped to deal with these issues; the solution to this is to outsource the work.

This will allow you the time needed to focus on the business and ensure all other aspects are running correctly.

It is irrelevant whether you are a start up business or a well established firm, without a good IT infrastructure you will struggle to compete with your rivals and may even find it difficult to keep your employees!

Of course, an IT department can be expensive to run and provide very little tangible results in attracting customers and making additional income; this is why the following points should be considered and applied to your business.

Not only will it prevent your systems from becoming obsolete, it will prevent real value for money from your IT professionals:

Updating Systems
The majority of IT departments today spend about eighty percent of their time monitoring and protecting various systems. However, the staff needs to spend a little less time monitoring and protecting in order to liaise with the rest of the employees.

This will provide a better understanding of which issues the company is currently facing; allowing the IT personnel to develop new systems and update existing ones to maximize the potential of the business.

This can also mean outsourcing some of the business needs and having the in-house team communicate regularly with their counterparts.

Hardware and software costs
It is possible that you are being held back as your business does not have and cannot afford the latest software or a much needed upgrade to the server. However, modern systems are cloud based and use both cloud storage to save files and to access them all over the world.

It is even possible to use a service such as Dropbox, which will enable you to read and edit any file; without the need to pay out for expensive software products. To access Dropbox you just need a username and password. Use them from anywhere around the world, and get full access to your data.

An in-house team will not be able to provide a twenty four hour support line which can be very frustrating for staff working out of office hours and attempting to get something done. This is when outsourcing some or all of your IT services can be a good idea as you will have the support you need.

Your business must go on, no matter what happens
One of the most important principles of modern business is the ability to continue offering your services, no matter what interruptions fall your way. This is relatively easy if your business has its data stored on the cloud via a third party.

You will be able to access your information again and continue trading; no matter what physical disaster has occurred. Companies which supply these types of services are essential to the continuation of your business.

Time management is crucial
A company which specializes in offering software support and looks after IT systems will need to remain at the very top of its game. For this to happen it is essential for staff to attend regular training sessions. This is possible for a company which deals with nothing else but is not so easy for IT professionals working within a business.

They may not have sufficient time to indulge in training if they are constantly busy sorting problems and issues in the workplace. Training and development are essential to staying on top of the competition, because it is simply not possible to develop a competitive edge without the use of technology to save you time and money.

The bottom line is your in-house tech department may be holding you business back. It’s time to make a change in your company by adopting managed IT. Let others take care of your business, and stay ahead of the competition even in the most critical situations.

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