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Citrix now offers physical and virtual versions of its NetScaler line

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December 16, 2015

Citrix said earlier today that it's now offering physical and virtual versions of its NetScaler line to businesses and organizations.

To be sure, NetScaler is Citrix's team effort at going beyond WAN optimization and load balancing with various products that try to deliver the performance that enterprise applications need to deliver a great user experience on whatever networks users find themselves in.

And as with everything Citrix does these days, the product is carefully tuned to ensure that it works correctly with Xen Desktop and Xen App.

However, it's also entirely applicable to anyone who wants to speed up and secure traffic across an enterprise network.

Citrix has now decided that it also needs a containerised version, called CPX. The company explains that making a containerised version of the appliance should make it easier for developers and system integrators to adopt the Citrix platform.

“When a specific application developed using CPX is ready for its production deployment, you could continue to use CPX or switch to a larger scaled version of NetScaler that is run by the central infrastructure team,” Citrix added.

The new version of NetScaler looks to be similar to a Docker container that can be provisioned and deployed using the Docker command line just like any other Container in the system, we are told.

Citrix says that doing a containerized version of NetScaler gets it into early discussions about how to build containerised applications at scale, something it feels customers aren't yet sure how to consider.

The company adds: “As the first major player in our market to deliver this functionality, we also hope to use this as an opportunity to continue to stay ahead of our competition.”

And Citrix sure needs such opportunities-- the company is selling off its software-as-service business and reducing its staff as it pursues growth and has to deal with activist investors on Wall Street.

If you wish to test-drive NetScaler CPX, you need to already be a Citrix customer, as the company says that is required to be considered for the limited tech preview.

Source: Citrix.

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