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Microsoft releases its Windows 10 Core Pro optimized for the IoT

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December 7, 2015

Earlier today, Microsoft said it has released its Windows 10 IoT Core Pro operating system.

MS' IoT Core Pro is a version of the venerable OS designed specifically for OEMs that deal with applications integrated with the Internet of Things.

Microsoft says the operating system's big differentiator is the ability to defer updates and control distribution of updates through Windows Server Update Services.

With these servicing options, Microsoft's Billy Anders writes “we are bringing flexibility for our partners and customers to help meet their specific needs while helping ensuring their devices are secure and correctly managed.”

That's a good thing if device makers don't implement security updates so they can test them and make sure things won't break over time, security-wise.

This would be an advantage if for example a device maker decides to defer security updates and therefore deprive things of fixes for the time being.

And seeing as more and more 'things' are online you get the idea, starting with the probe for the state of a Windows IoT Core Pro device, and the red faces as someone explains they had a perfectly good reason for turning off security updates.

IoT device makers have a dreadful track record of implementing security patches, as the hopeless state of SOHO Wi-Fi routers and industrial control devices demonstrate.

The standard version of Windows 10 IoT Core has earned some tweaks already. There's a new 'direct memory access bus' driver available that gives you the ability to run native code for the significant performance improvements in GPIO.

Raspberry PI 2 owners now have full support for the TX/RX pins and support for Realtek Wi-Fi chipsets RTL-8188EU and RTL-8192EU.

For those of you unfamiliar with those chipsets, Microsoft says they're used in plenty of USB WiFi devices so support means easier wireless connections for the IoT.

Source: Microsoft.

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