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HP Enterprise launches its VMAX, XIV assault and 3D NAND SSDs

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November 16, 2015

After its SPC-2 benchmark-beating all-flash 3PAR array results, HP Enterprise said earlier today it has launched its new VMAX, XIV assault and 3D NAND SSDs as it goes all out to expand its 3PAR on-premises array system.

HP Enterprise is the new company that recently split off from HP Inc. It is saying a StoreServ 20850 delivers about 13 percent better performance at only about half the cost of EMC’s VMAX 400K.

Additionally, HPE is offering a 3PAR array as a VMAX accelerator for Oracle databases. An all-flash StoreServ is located by the VMAX and, using Oracle ASM Preferred Reads, the Oracle database gets an up to a 75 percent improvement in response times at less than half the cost of a VMAX upgrade.

Naturally, once a 3PAR beach-head has been made into an Oracle VMAX account, the company hopes the StoreServ can turn the VMAX into VMIN.

HPE has also announced an extension of its 3PAR Online Import software to include XIV. Any new StoreServ array purchase includes a free 1-year license of that software which can import data from an XIV array, using the 3PAR array’s Thin Express ASIC to shrink imported volumes by avoiding zeroed-out data.

The software also supports EMC VMAX, VNX, CLA RiON CX4, and Hitachi Data Systems Network Storage Controller (NSC), Universal Storage Platform (USC), and Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) arrays.

The cost of all-flash storage on 3PAR arrays goes down about 15 percent or, compared to a 480 GB SSD, so with 400 GB 3D NAND SSDs supported.

These effectively layer existing 2D or planar NAND chips one atop the other to increase storage density in the same chip footprint.

HPE is now offering a StoreServ 8200 converged file and block starter kit and reference architectures.

The 8000 is HPE’s entry-level StoreServ and the 8200 is a hybrid flash and disk product. It already has an 8200 all-flash starter kit offered at $19,000 for the basic system.

The new starter kit includes an 8200 Controller node pair with 4 x 16Gbit/s FC ports and 4 x 10 GbitE ports, 8 x 600GB 10K 2.5-inch disk drives and 12 x 2 TB 7.2K 3.5-inch disk drives.

The software includes the 3PAR OS Suite, Replication Suite, and 16 TB usable File Persona Suite.

Data tiering is included with HPE Storage Optimiser, “which allows aging data to be moved to lower-cost media over time for net savings,” HPE added.

As far as HPE is concerned, the 3PAR StoreServ is the best on-premises mid-level and large enterprise array available.

The company wants to spread its use far and wide, with high SPC-2- benchmark validated performance, wide-ranging reference architectures, data-sucking import software to attack other vendor’s arrays, and low-cost starter kits.

Using HPE’s new offerings, CEO Meg Whitman is opening up an on-premises array marketing war with the likes of EMC, IBM, HDS, Dell and a few others.

Source: HP Enterprise.

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