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EMC customers not too happy about the proposed Dell takeover

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October 16, 2015

According to the 451 Market Research firm, EMC customers are not too happy about the proposed Dell takeover, and certainly don't share the amount of enthusiasm that CEO Michael Dell seems to have.

451's research report found that about 43.2 percent of EMC-only customers typically see Dell as a PC supplier, and 42.1 percent thought it was 'out of tune' with their enterprise IT concerns.

Amongst the EMC-only customers, some 13 percent report they will spend less than previously planned with EMC (more than twice the rate of Dell customers), said the report.

Among those who are also Dell customers, 42 percent view Dell, not surprisingly, as an enterprise IT supplier.

This is a fairly instant reaction to the takeover news and, with the deal not closing until the middle of next year, there are many months for EMC and Dell account teams and channel partners to talk to their customers and attempt to nullify any negative Dell perceptions. That's the hope, anyway.

"Overall, Dell will need to pay some attention to account management practices as the two companies merge," the 451 report authors write, and "be sure to take time to educate today's EMC-only customers about the breadth of its enterprise capabilities".

"This will also involve coordination across marketing, direct sales and channel partners, which is not an insignificant task," the report states.

They expect EMC and Dell competitors to mount an assault on the joint EMC/Dell customer base and capitalise on any latent dissatisfaction, fear and doubt about the effects of the Dell takeover.

It will be interesting to see how all of this pans out in the next 12 months, and what the imminent outcome will be in the IT industry.

Source: Microsoft.

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