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Microsoft acquires 3D gaming firm Havoc for an undisclosed amount

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October 5, 2015

Microsoft reports this morning that it has acquired 3D gaming firm Havoc for an undisclosed amount.

"Havok is a great technology supplier in the games industry and the leading real-time physics creator," Microsoft said in a blog post announcing the acquisition.

It added-- "We saw an opportunity to but Havok Inc to deliver great experiences for our fans."

Microsoft uses Havok in its popular Halo series of games, but many other leading games companies have also licensed Havok's software over the years, including Activision, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Sony and Ubisoft, among others.

So far, the Havok gaming engine has provided various physics for hundreds of game titles.

Microsoft said it still planned to license Havok to these and other customers, even as it brings development and maintenance of the software under its own management.

Overall, Havok was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Intel acquired the company back in 2007 and has maintained it as an independent subsidiary with offices in Dublin, San Francisco, Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo, and a few cities in Germany.

It's not yet clear to what degree this independence will be maintained under Microsoft, however.

But Microsoft did say that one of its immediate goals was to further integrate Havok physics into its Azure-powered Xbox One Cloud.

Massive-scale and cloud-calculated physics are some of the most anticipated features of Microsoft Studios' forthcoming Crackdown 3, which is expected to ship sometime in mid-2016.

Currently, Havok's main competitor in the gaming physics segment is Nvidia, which has licensed its own PhysX technology for use in more than 150 game titles so far.

Source: Microsoft.

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