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Microsoft to soon release its open-source analytics software

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September 29, 2015

Microsoft said this morning it will release its open-source analytics software for general preview sometime this year, but that could happen sooner rather than later.

First announced at The Build Conference in April, Azure Data Lake Store will be released as a preview, Microsoft said.

The software store will be designed on Apache YARN for developers and data scientists, to analyze complex information, variously large data sets and will use Azure HD-Insight, a managed service for Hadoop, Spark, Storm and HBase, among others.

HD-Insight was developed by Microsoft working with Ubuntu developer Canonical and Hadoop system designer HortonWorks.

In preparation for the preview, Microsoft threw the doors open on managed Linux clusters.

While all of this is happening, Microsoft’s Visual Studio Tools have been updated to build, debug and tune for Hive queries and Storm topologies running in HD-Insight.

Overall, YARN is the HDFS-compatible Apache project that makes MapReduce more flexible because it simply decouples resource management and various scheduling from data processing.

The concept is that you can support a broader variety of applications. Microsoft’s Data Lake (a phrase now with huge currency among the big-data analytics and infrastructure providers) will feature analytics as a service (AaaS).

To be specific, Data Lake Analytics will use Microsoft’s U-SQL language the company claims “unifies the benefits of SQL with the express power of user code".

People can use U-SQL to analyse data in Azure, Azure SQL Database, and Azure SQL DataWarehouse.

The company billed Azure Data Lake Store as HDRS for the cloud, capable of processing petabyte files that could be enterprise ready, according to Microsoft.

Source: Microsoft.

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