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Amazon AWS' suffered a huge service outage affecting the company's Cloud

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September 21, 2015

It's reported this morning that Amazon's Web Services (AWS) have suffered a huge service outage affecting the company's cloud services, bringing very critical sites such as Netflix, Tinder and a few others.

The cloud service disruption hit a lot of AWS customers as well as Amazon's Instant Video and Books websites.

The service outage may also explain Airbnb's current service woes as well. Airbnb is an AWS customer, and that would explain why its site went down at the same time.

At the time of this writing, Amazon admitted to several data faults being reported on multiple services at its North Virginia US-EAST-1 site, which is the company's oldest public-cloud infrastructure.

Some of the online retail giant's cloudy services were having a bad day as well yesterday. As of this morning, it's still not very clear if everybody is up and running. We will know more this afternoon.

Amazon said that its AWS services including Cloud Watch (a monitoring system for the apps that run on its platform), Cognito (a service that saves mobile data) and Dynamo DB (the company's NoSQL database system) were all having issues as late as 3.20 AM EST today.

Amazon said that it was recovering from the database issues, but as part of the fix the company was forced to throttle back APIs to recover the service.

In its most recent update about Dynamo DB, Amazon said-- "The metadata service is now stable and we are actively working on removing throttles."

But Tinder had some very angry users who got in a grump after the outage meant that they had lost all of their connections to the service.

Such a major service outage highlights the importance of a fully redundant IT infrastructure that is managed by professionals. It also underscores the need for fail proof disaster recovery solutions of an enterprise grade.

Source: Amazon AWS Services.

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