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Programmers with security in mind seen as more productive and influential

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August 26, 2015

According to security researchers from North Carolina State University and Microsoft Research, it's now proven that programmers with security in mind are seen as more productive and influential workers who other coders strive to emulate.

The security researchers have produced a trio of studies on the topic, finding that programmers are influenced strongly by their peers and will begin testing for and fixing bugs if their respected peers are already doing so.

The first paper (Quantifying Developers’ Adoption of Security Tools) found that “Security tools are an important part of secure software development, but many developers simply don't use them, even when they believe security is important,” the authors say.

“And as we expected, developers who perceive security to be important are more likely to use security tools than those who do not.”

“But that was not the strongest predictor of security tool utilization, it was instead the developers’ ability to observe their peers using security tools that was the most striking in the findings, the report notes.”

Many of those same programmers using the tools have some form of security education or promise of one. The team says this means organizations will do well to hire a nerd to infect the programmer team.

Security-focused developers are also more prestigious to a large extent and were seen as legends of the technology revolution.

Overall, coder hackers are also faster at their job, and are better people performers on average.

But security-minded developers should still consider building tools that tailor vulnerability and patch information to coders, such that they are given information about how security vulnerabilities and patches are related.

The creators would also do well to make their security tools shiner in a bid to increase observability which the work suggests leads to increased adoption within various programming teams.

The researchers make no comment regarding the use of matrix-style wallpapers or cyber DdoS attack maps, however.

Source: North Carolina State University.

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