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Will NFV be the core enabler of next gen communications networks?

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August 11, 2015

'Light Reading', an insider’s publication for the communications industry, is calling on equipment vendors to join the world’s first interoperability tests for Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technology.

Now the online magazine has teamed up with the Berlin-based European Advanced Networking Test Center as its industry partner to evaluate which products can be installed together to support next-generation virtualized New IP networks, said Light Reading’s CEO Steve Saunders.

According to Saunders, NFV is the core enabler of next gen communications networks, and some incumbent equipment vendors are onboard with the new concept.

However, and as can be expected, industry standards and overall interoperability is a huge concern for big telecom providers and their large customers, and they need to be fully reassured that equipment from various vendors will work together seamlessly.

Failing that, they are extremely vulnerable to the bad old days of proprietary technology lock-in and all the many nightmares they can inflict on telecomunications firms.

“Without strong industry standards and industry-wide interoperability, service providers won't have the freedom to choose the best virtual network function from one company and deploy them with core NFV infrastructure from another,” he warns.

'Light Reading' is optimistic somewhat that vendors will accept its formal invitation to join the independent validation program and move forward with its initial recommendations.

And to make decision-making a little easier on the various players involved, the publication is offering to conduct the tests at cost only.

The fees are $15,000 to sign up and another $9,000 for one week of testing of two NFVis and one function.

And as we are talking interoperability as opposed to application performance, Light Reading may be in a better position to avoid potential issues with some clients, unlike vendors in the server and storage worlds.

Source: 'Light Reading'.

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