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HP increases its specifications on its hyperconverged products

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August 6, 2015

HP said earlier today it's now offering a new hyperconverged system, updating its CS-240 product to the CS-250 by doubling the amount of RAM and using Intel Haswell CPUs to add more performance.

HP is also adding software disaster recovery (SDR), a three-node configuration, and is reducing the price against Nutanix.

The Converged System 250-HC StoreVirtual (CS-250) features G9 ProLiant servers-– the Apollo 2000 system, most likely.

As with the CS-240, the CS-250 is a 2U system containing up to four server nodes, with included storage media and StoreVirtual virtual SAN software to aggregate each node's storage into a single pool.

Memory can now reach 4 TB in total, the previous CS-242-HC StoreVirtual product having only 2 TB of RAM in its four-node configuration.

We've worked up a comparison table for the CS-240 all-disk, CS-242 hybrid and CS-250 configurations. There will most likely be a CS-250 all-disk and CS-252 hybrid models. HP hasn't said this but it seems logical when you look at the current offering.

How much more powerful is the CS-250 versus the CS-240? With better and faster CPUs and double the RAM, we'd expect a 45 to 75 percent performance uplift from the median.

HP says you can scale storage capacity independently from compute power. There can be up to four CS 250-HCs in one resource pool, and system admins can manage multiple pools from one management console.

The CS-250s are configured for ESXi vSphere v5.5 or v6.0. As with the CS-240s, they come with OneView InstantOn.

HP claims they need only 10 minutes' deployment and five minutes of keyboard time to be production-ready, and it would make sense to see similar deployment times in the field.

Obviously, the CS-250 supports VMware, but its StoreVirtual software runs with KVM and Hyper-V as well.

Maybe we might see other CS-250 models for those environments in the future as well. The three-node configuration has 3 x 4 TB StoreVirtual VSA licences and can replicate data to any other HP StoreVirtual-based system, or any VMware cluster, to protect against data loss.

It's software-only with the ability to use existing target hardware to save money on tight IT budgets.

This CS-250 three-node configuration is up to 49 percent more cost effecient than comparable configs from Nutanix and other competitors, according to HP.

We don't have a four-node cost comparison, however. There's a mention of cloud hybridity with Helion CloudSystem 9.0 built on the CS-250. It's then called a hyperconverged cloud system and "adds self-service portal provisioning and public cloud bursting features", HP said.

There's a custom order purchasing capability, we're told. The four-node CS-250-HC StoreVirtual is available on August 17 with three-node configurations coming on September 28.

A three-node CS-250 with Foundation Carepack and VMware ESXi vSphere Enterprise lists from $121,480.

Helion CloudSystem 9.0 will be available sometime next month, but some software-defined storage design and integration services are available now, HP said.

Source: Hewlett Packard.

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