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OpenStack releases version 11 of its platform

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May 4, 2015

The eleventh version of the OpenStack platform appeared on the project's official download servers on April 30.

It managed to arrive on time and brought with it hundreds of new features for cloud-builders and IT infrastructure providers.

"As the core of the platform matures, the immediate focus turns to interoperability in the industry, raising the bar for driver compatibility, and extending the platform to fit workloads with bare metal and containers," OpenStack said in a statement.

Known as Kilo, this release is the first major version of OpenStack to ship since the Juno release in October.

It introduces no less than 400 new features and includes input from 1,492 contributors representing a total of 169 companies.

Perhaps its most prominent feature is that it introduces the first full release of Ironic, an API that can be used to provision various workloads to run directly on server hardware, rather than in virtual machines.

OpenStack says Ironic is already in production at some companies, including in Rackspace's OnMetal managed cloud offering, but with the new release it's ready for a much broader adoption.

The Neutron networking component has also been updated with version 2 of its load-balancing-as-a-service API and new features for network functions virtualization (NFV), which the project maintainers say is the fastest-growing use case for OpenStack.

Major updates have also been made to the Nova compute component, Swift object storage, Cinder block storage, and the Keystone identity service, and numerous other subsystems have also been improved.

Descriptions of the major changes can be found in the official Kilo release notes.

Source code for the new release is available from the project's own website, and the major OpenStack distributions should begin switching over to Kilo in due course.

One major Linux distribution has already made the leap. Ubuntu became the first to come bundled with OpenStack Kilo when its 15.04 "Vivid Vervet" version shipped last week, just slightly ahead of the final Kilo release.

Source: OpenStack.

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