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It's now confirmed: a scaled-down version of Windows Server is on its way

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March 4, 2015

It's now confirmed: Microsoft is officially planning to scale down its Windows Server business into a far lighter and leaner system.

We previously reported a while back on the emergence of a Microsoft slide deck outlining a smaller version of Windows Server, but this time aimed at the cloud.

Microsoft's now pointed to an earlier statement about just what it plans. The pointer came in a Tweet from an online session in which Microsoft talked about its looming Ignite conference.

“We are going to have a cloud-optimised server,” Microsoft said. “Windows Server will be deeply refactored for a cloud scenario with just the components required to do that and nothing else.”

“On top of that lightweight server will be a superset of Windows Server as we know it today.” Snover says that version will be compatible with what you have today but that Windows Server's next version will have two application profiles.

“Apps will target the existing set of APIs or the second set of cloud APIs.” Snover also says Microsoft will be clear about a client vs a server because “we have been fuzzy on this.”

Windows Server 'Next' will therefore offer the chance to install a designated client. Snover says this arrangement is needed because “lack of clarity hurt us as people who wrote server applications where we were not clear about this and wrote local GUI admin tools they put a bunch of business logic in the GUI and called private APIs.”

That made it harder to automate the application or the underlying server, a state of affairs Snover said is unacceptable in these cloudy days.

Remote desktop services will therefore sit above the client, to make remoting into Windows Server easier.

Snover also says we should prepare for two types of containers when the next Windows Server debuts in 2016.

One will be “a server in a container and be focussed on app compatibility”. The second will be aimed at the cloud itself.

Snover added that Microsoft is currently investing even more in internet security, and that details of all what he discussed so far will be revealed at the Build (April 29 to May 1, 2015) and Ignite (May 4 to 8, 2015) conferences.

Source: Microsoft.

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