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The Xen team prososes changes to the project's development process

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February 17, 2015

The new management system for version 4.6 of the open source Xen Hypervisor has proposed a few changes to the project's development process that is hoped will accelerate things somewhat.

Citrix employee Wei Liu, who has been mandated with the next version has explained the new plan in a blog post, presentation and email in which he outlines his intentions for this new release.

The reason for the changes is that the last version of Xen required eleven months of work, two more than Xen aims between various releases.

That's obviously not very helpful or desirable in these circumstances, so Liu wants to speed things up and deliver this new release.

To achieve that goal, Liu suggests a 'feature freeze' on July 10th, ahead of an October 9, 2015 launch. That freeze will be rather longer than was the case of Xen 4.5.

Liu says that a shorter freeze will do the trick as the long freeze for 4.5 “made upstreaming new features harder for contributors: they needed to rush to get their features at least posted in the development window, then argue for whether it's OK to get in after the soft freeze. Otherwise they risk waiting several more months,” he argued.

The new arrangements above, Lui feels, mean “we have a shorter time in the 'freeze' and lead to possibly less harden the code.

But I don't really see that as a big issue, given that we a-- we still set aside 3 months for it, b-- we only need to harden existing code, he added.

Liu also feels it will mean “no more arguing whether a feature should go in after the freeze.”

In other words, once the project's Fro-Xen, it's time to Let It Go if you want any new features. At least until the sequel, which in Xen's case will emerge sometime in Q1 or Q2 of next year.

Source: The Xen Project.

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