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Fujitsu is targetting large scale desktop virtualization environments

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January 20, 2015

Fujitsu has added a whole slew of new variants to its 'Eternus TR' storage array system, targeting large scale desktop virtualization environments.

The various models in question are the Eternus TR-820, TR-850 and TR-880, with the last in the list claiming the ability to connect 3,500 virtual machines.

Fujitsu says it's nearly double the scale of its previous models. It also adds that the virtual desktop density is boosted by front-ending the spinning with a high-capacity solid state drive.

But before you rush out to grab a few of these babies, we must warn you they aren't exactly cheap: the starting price for the new solution is close to US $120,000.

The units add high-speed compression to improve efficiency, offering up to 66 TB per storage unit (33 TB without compression), and accordingly, reducing deployment costs by almost 50 percent.

Additionally, the new systems can be daisy-chained together to create units of up to 100 Terabytes each.

Fujitsu says the new system is specially designed for the virtual integration of large-scale servers compatible with VMware, and for desktop-virtualization systems.

It eliminates the need for sophisticated design skills when constructing large-scale systems, as well as the issue of complexity in operations management, while delivering stable, high-performance processing, even under heavy loads.

The series has been added to the new lineup of Fujitsu Integrated System Cloud Ready Blocks, a vertically integrated virtualization and cloud platform designed to enable the quick and easy deployment of cloud environments.

All systems support disk-level AES 256-bit encryption as an option. The new Eternus units are currently shipping Japan.

Fujitsu's storage solutions usually make it to Europe and North America a few months after their launch in Japan.

Source: Fujitsu.

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