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NGINX is a great Web server, but commercial sales aren't coming through

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December 10, 2014

Web server maker NGINX has a tricky issue to solve-- its Web server software is used by the likes of Netflix and Dropbox, and it claims that about 40 percent of the world's top 1,000 websites use it.

However, that ability to operate at extraordinary scale isn't translating into sales of its commercial products or services, and that's something that the company wants to address.

Commercial sales, says CEO Gus Robertson, just isn't that widely known-- people associate the company with its open source server and don't pause to consider the company's paid offerings.

A new US $20 million injection from NEA is hoped to change that, by funding expansion into new offices around the globe and general advertising of its products.

One thing Robertson hopes will be heard long and loud is NGINX's ability to talk directly to applications so that less chat reaches application servers and less load balancing is needed to direct traffic inside a network.

Robertson says that there's a server fleet reduction and dedicated appliance doom scenario waiting to be played out inside plenty of businesses.

And not just hyperscale web operations-- seconds matter for any web application and NGINX thinks it has a shot and speeding up just about anything reliant on HTTP.

The new cash will give the company the resources it needs to tell that story to the world.

It should find receptive ears-- online businesses' websites need to load real fast and not be painful to use.

If NGINX can capture the attention of a few people who imbibe that mantra, it's backers may just have spent $20 million wisely.

Source: NGINX.

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