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Huawei and Red Hat are the latest to climb aboard the SDN bandwagon

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December 8, 2014

We've just learned that Huawei and Red Hat are the latest vendors to jump on the ever-expanding software-defined network (SDN) bandwagon.

Under the new agreement, Linux vendor Red Hat will provide its OpenStack implementation to Huawei which will run up its FusionSphere Cloud OS to act as the management layer.

The new partnership, according to Red Hat's announcement, will give customers “a unified, flexible and production-ready” solution to support their network function virtualization (NFV) efforts.

As always in such agreements, the two companies promise to drop code back into OpenStack, with a particular focus on “NFV enabling features”.

And to make sure that everything runs smoothly, the two firms will also implement a certification program for their joint solutions.

To be sure, 2014 has been a year of SDN and NFV partnerships, whether it's between hardware vendors (like Ericsson and Ciena), hardware/software (such as this arrangement), or pairings of software vendors (Alcatel-Lucent with Oracle).

In the meantime, SDN users can have the pleasure of another expansion to a code base that Vulture South hears could do with some attention.

Too many incoming vendors, we've been told, are happy to leave their SDN newborns at the door of the church, but show far less interest in helping clear a backlog of open bugs.

Source: Red Hat.

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