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Microsoft almost doubles the cost of its professional support

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December 4, 2014

Without making any noise, Microsoft has almost doubled the cost of its professional support services in the U.S.

Microsoft now charges US $499 for a single professional support incident, or US $1,999 for a five-pack.

But if you visit and explore the same page from October 25, up comes a price of US $259 for one support incident and a five-pack price of US $1,289.

That makes the new five-pack price US $399.80 per incident, up from US $257.80. So at least the discounts for bulk buys are now better.

But the price hikes still represent nasty increases-- there's a 92.66 percent price increase for single incidents and a 55.08 percent price hike on the five-pack.

Microsoft of course offers Premier support, often with regular payments.

These price hikes seem a decent signal that Microsoft is rather keen on that kind of new arrangement, and it obviously wants to boost revenue.

But for now, our initial exploration of Microsoft's website in other nations and languages doesn't yield conclusive proof the hike is global. We'll keep you posted.

Source: Microsoft.

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