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We're in an era of data storage silo expansion

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November 27, 2014

These days, it seems like the more hybrid and heterogeneous data storage silos the IT industry has, the more it needs single management focus to better achieve its goals.

Some may disagree, but if you analyze the situation closely, we're pretty much in an age of storage silo expansion.

The silos are multiplying rapidly, and we need a single pane of glass through which we provision, access, and manage disparate data storage silos, independently of storage type, access protocols and physical storage media.

For instance, let's consider the current state of the traditional SAN and filer, the core shared arrays that are now prevalent in data centres across the globe.

These storage systems are facing multiple alternatives, from all-flash arrays through freshly designed hybrid arrays, HPC-style data gulping arrays, massively scalable object storage, server-side SANs, hyperconverged scale-out server/storage/networking boxes, SW-storage products using commodity hardware, and, last but not least, the public cloud.

It seems clear already that there won't be just one winner emerging from these alternatives, and that a multiple silo, read: best-of-breed approach will be the result.

Yet this means different ways of provisioning, accessing, managing and protecting the various silos, adding to system admins time and cost.

How much better it would be if there were a single software abstraction layer cross this silo sprawl covering both control management and data access.

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