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HP and Symantec team up to develop disaster recovery solution

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November 21, 2014

HP and Symantec are teaming up to develop a cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution using Symantec software and HP's Helion cloud system.

The DRaaS software will run on HP's OpenStack-based cloud environment with HP providing the end-to-end service based on underlying disaster recovery facilities, infrastructure, and operations team.

The two firms say their DRaaS system will monitor the most widely used applications and databases in the market and support replication, recovery and automated failover/failback of client IT whether it’s traditional IT on-premises, managed cloud, private cloud, or public cloud.

The solution will support industry specific client standards for disaster recovery, such as PCI in the retail industry, HIPAA in the healthcare industry, or FedRAMP and FISMA in the US public sector.

There will be recovery SLAs for systems and application as well. The HP/Symantec DRaaS product will be generally available in late 2015. By then, Symantec may have split in two with the storage business inheriting this partnership.

When it does arrive, it will be a co-delivered product/service from HP and Symantec with client onboarding supported by joint teams, the two companies say.

The cloud provides a cost-effective location for DR services, with an up to 50 percent reduction compared with an in-house alternative for enterprise customers.

Overall pricing will be based on a monthly subscription fee related to the server size and type and the amount of storage to be protected.

Source: HP and Symantec.

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