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HDS is scaling its compute and storage technologies

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November 19, 2014

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) is working on a couple of new projects that will scale its compute and storage technologies to better serve 'Internet of Things' deployments in smart cities across the world.

Speaking yesterday at the company's innovation forum in Singapore, Asia-Pacific CTO Adrian De Luca mentioned HDS' recently announced decision to build a new EVO:RAILS system using VMware's template for hyperconverged hosts.

De Luca then said HDS has more of the same on the way soon, and said projects AQUA and HAWAII are the codenames for those efforts.

HDS senior vice-president and general manager for Asia Pacific, Neville Vincent, later added that AQUA is “a common framework and architecture for a smart city operating system” and that HAWAII is a highly scalable highly-converged system designed to underpin AQUA.

Details of just when either will emerge weren't discussed, but De Luca's reasoning suggested a certain overall urgency.

The two projects probably need to be understood in the context of the company's innovation forum, an annual event at which the Hitachi Group talks up its ambition to assist “social innovation” with its many products.

No less a person than Yukata Saito, Hitachi's fifth-ranking executive in the organization, opened the event with a vision for using all of the company's assets to develop analytics-driven products and services that enable governments to meet the demands of swelling populations and the stresses they place on various resources.

HDS does have an impressive portfolio with which to work-- it builds power stations, trains, telecom equipment and a myriad of other products as well. HDS also makes the servers and networked storage systems.

The company's now looking for various ways to get all of those working together in smart city solutions.

Overall enthusiasm for this new concept is very high right now in Asia. Mobile device penetration is soaring across even the region's less prosperous nations and citizens are keen for better service delivery from their governments and businesses.

Going straight to smart cities makes sense in this mix, even if a motive of ensuring that city populations don't get agitated or become agitators is often advanced as a one motive for service improvements.

Whatever the political implications of smart cities, Hitachi wants in big time and HDS' expertise in building systems and integrating them correctly are apparently seen as key assets for the group's push into social innovation.

The idea's got some ramifications for HDS as well, as Vincent said it is one of the tactics that will help move it from today's 80/20 storage/other revenue split to a 50/50 split by 2017.

Source: Hitachi Data Systems.

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