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Microsoft opens up Office 365 apps to developers with new APIs and SDKs

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October 30, 2014

Microsoft is placing its Office 365 software on display, opening up its APIs and SDKs to attract third-party developers to its commercial platform.

The APIs are yours for the taking, along with the resources and guides for developers. Microsoft says there are now about 400 PB of data stored in the Office 365 cloud, which will become accessible to third-party apps under the new program.

The REST APIs have some pre-packaging resources for Windows, iOS and Android, along with Xamarin for multi-device apps and ASP .NET MVC for Web apps.

Developers working in the Microsoft world can install a suitable API toolset for Visual Studio 2013. There's also an Azure tenant signup allowing SharePoint or custom Web apps to use the APIs.

Various capabilities covered in the APIs include access to mail, contacts, and calendar. There's a discovery service API so that users can be identified by which cloud they belong to and how they log in, as well as for working out which services are associated with a particular application.

File access in the APIs provides a gateway to OneDrive for Business Files and Folders operations.

The concept is to make Office 365 apps more developer-friendly, according to the team's blog.

As for as the APIs, there are suitable SDKs for native app development in mobile environments, and a new Office 365 app launcher provides visibility for developers' apps.

Overall, future developments will include APIs for tasks, Yammer and Office Graph. We'll keep you posted on these and other news.

Source: Microsoft.

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