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HP releases its Helion OpenStack community edition software

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October 27, 2014

HP said this morning that it has approved OpenStack clouds, with its new Helion OpenStack community edition software that the IT firm is launching today.

To be sure, Helion OpenStack starts with a community edition which the company says is suitable for proof-of-concept and pilot deployments, based on the so-called Icehouse release.

HP's cloud products and services vice president Bill Hilf says the company will follow the OpenStack trunk line release schedule in future versions.

The commercial version will add integration with enterprise applications and tools, and cross-platform support for third-party hypervisors, databases and software solutions, Hilf said.

There will also be “more robust management and security” in the commercial edition, with more information to be provided at next year's HP Discovery conference in June 2015.

HP will also provide an OpenStack indemnification program, to protect “qualified customers” using the OpenStack code against patent, copyright and trade secret lawsuits.

The company has also announced a three-month limited trial version of the Helion Development Platform, available on the Helion Public Cloud for the price of a virtual machine, to let users check out the development platform without having to create a Helion OpenStack environment.

The development environment allows users to create cloud applications, and run deployment across different clouds.

On top of the CloudFoundry application lifecycle service, the development environment includes application services (including the MySQL database, messaging and a marketplace), and the OpenStack environment.

Source: Hewlett Packard.

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