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IBM to host SAPís HANA Enterprise Cloud in its data centers

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October 15, 2014

Earlier this morning, IBM said it will host SAPís HANA Enterprise Cloud on its global data centers. IBM says this means that enterprise customers can run managed SAP workloads in the cloud from testing to production on a single architecture powered by IBM-owned SoftLayer.

Overall, HANA is SAPís in-memory database that sits beneath ERP and CRM software such as offered by SAP to speed up performance.

At its last count in January of this year, SAP had about 253,490 customers with 750 of them already on HANA with the majority using HANA on-premises.

The HANA cloud-IBM combo works well for IBM as well as SAP-- Big Blue's goal is to become more of a provider of cloud services than a seller of servers and services for building other peopleís data centers.

In January of this year, Big Blue began a $1.2 billion project to take its number of data centers to 40 globally, on the back of a number of acquisitions including SoftLayer.

SoftLayer hosts e-commerce, private clouds and big-data infrastructure services using Cloudera, MongoDB and Basho, running on clustered servers.

Big Blue opened its latest data center last week-- a SoftLayer facility in Melbourne, Australia.

Last year, the IT giant earned $4.4 billion from cloud solutions, up 64 percent year on year, but just $1.7 billion from actual IT services.

And while all of this is happening, SAP is experiencing fast growth from online apps like SuccessFactors.

However, in January, it pushed back its targets for growth from cloud services by about two years. We'll keep you updated on these on other developments.

Source: IBM Corp.

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