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Oracle to build new data centers in Germany

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September 29, 2014

In an effort to better serve its local enterprise customers, Oracle has become the latest major American IT company to build new data centres, this time in Germany.

Loic le Guisquet, EMEA executive vice president, told Oracle's OpenWorld conference on Sunday that there will be two new data centers opened in Germany in the coming weeks.

The Frankfurt and Munich facilities will provide cloud services “to those businesses in the German market whose preference is for cloud applications deployed in Germany, le Guisquet said.

While he's not quoted directly referring to the NSA or Edward Snowden's leaks, le Guisquet did state that as well as strong demand in Germany, “questions around security” prompted the cloud giant's decision to add Germany to its existing Euro data centres in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Jurisdiction over data apparently remained a concern among those in the OpenWorld audience, with le Guisquet noting that “in terms of privacy laws, the data centres we have in the EU cater for any enterprise customers in the EU”.

The country-by-country rollout at least provides “specificity” in regulatory terms, he suggested.

Last week, Google announced that it's building a new €600 million data centre in The Netherlands. However, Google didn't cite security concerns, but rather focussed on cheaper energy and access to submarine cables for motivating its decision.

Source: Oracle.

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