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Brocade launches its OpenDaylight system controller

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September 24, 2014

Brocade said earlier today that it has added another element to its SDN applications, launching its OpenDaylight system controller.

The new system runs under its proprietary Vyatta platform. Most of the company's focus for the controller is that it offers a low-risk entry to SDN (software defined networking) with the company aiming to let enterprise customers migrate current workloads to an SDN environment gradually.

Brocade is also promoting its 100 percent OpenDaylight implementation, without proprietary extensions. As well as being an attractive proposition to end users, the company hopes the Vyatta Controller will be attractive to third party developers, since their applications will be easily portable to other environments as well.

Brocade's director of business development for software networking, Ben Hickey, told us that it's designed to be an easy-to-use commercial platform for SDN. Brocade believes that OpenDaylight is going to become the de-facto standard for SDN, he said.

“That's a value proposition to application developers,” he continued, compared to having to choose a proprietary API to work with. “If you develop to the OpenDaylight API you get a bigger market share.”

“Taking an in-house or single product, and publishing the code on github” isn't enough to make a product open source, Hickey added.

“Where the value comes from is to have the community develop the project,” he added. There will also be professional services to help developers and partners work with the Vyatta Controller and the OpenDaylight platform.

Use-cases the company has in mind for the controller include things like cluster control and load balancing, network programmability for network function virtualisation (NFV) automation, policy enforcement, security, traffic management and overall service optimization.

The controller will be available in November, along with the first two applications, and will be based on OpenDaylight's Helium release, Brocade says.

Source: Brocade Software.

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