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VMware releases new tool to migrate apps made virtual by Citrix's XenApp

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September 17, 2014

VMware said earlier today that it has released a new tool to migrate apps made virtual and that are portable by Citrix's XenApp system into its own Horizon View solution.

Releasing XenApp 2 Horizon is a sign that VMware is trying to pry customers away from Citrix.

Citrix has had the remote app delivery and desktop virtualization (VDI) market more or less to itself for the past few years and VMware is trying to not only win customers away from its competitor but also cash in on the growing interest in VDI and other methods to deliver apps and desktops.

But just how much interest exists in it is a topic of some uncertainty. Our own virtualization desk has spoken to some market watchers who feel that perhaps only five or six percent of the desktop market is likely to consider or adopt VDI and/or associated app delivery tools.

That's still a lot of desktops, but perhaps not the catapult into new enterprise markets that VMware would like from its end-user computing initiative.

Other people we spoke to argue that those who will consider VDI are either large, heavily-regulated, or both.

In other words, just the kind of huge market any vendor would love to acquire. A third strand of argument even suggests that the pool of VDI prospects is expanding as the price of storage – especially all-flash arrays – falls.

To be sure, targeting VDI is therefore a clever strategy for VMware to pursue. Conversion tools like the one described above are nothing new, but this one looks significant because most previous VMware tools are utilities for VMware users.

That VMware as a company has decided to let a more contentious piece of code out its door has the smell of a new resolve to address the end-user computing market. We'll keep you posted.

Source: VMware.

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