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IDC ranks IBM the top supplier of Software-Defined Storage Platforms

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September 15, 2014

IDC said earlier this morning that it is ranking IBM as the top supplier of Software-Defined Storage Platforms (SDS-P) in its second quarter 2014 Global Storage Software Qview survey.

The market research firm says SDS-P is ”a new functional market added to the total storage software market that covers block, file, object, and/or hyper-converged software offerings that enable the creation of a storage system.”

It’s a platform that delivers “the full suite of storage services via a software stack that uses (but is not dependent on) commodity hardware built with readily available off-the-shelf components.”

IDC says total revenues for storage software in the quarter were nearly $3.8 billion, a 6.3 percent increase year-on-year.

The leading storage software suppliers in the quarter, by revenue, were EMC at 25.9 percent, IBM at 16 percent and Symantec at 13.3 percent.

Overall, IBM was clearly the leading supplier in the SDS-P segment and listed some of its products-- Elastic Storage (the rebranded GPFS parallel file system), SAN Volume Controller (SVC) and Virtual Storage centre, which includes SVC and provides “capabilities for storage management such as backup, restore, and visual administration.

In a prepared remark, Jamie Thomas, general manager for Storage and Software Defined Systems at IBM’s Systems and Technology Group said-- “IBM Software Defined Storage capabilities are providing clients with the kind of scalability and fast data access their customers, employees and partners are not just demanding, but expecting.”

If server SAN, hyper-converged system storage and object storage software revenues increase, then the rankings in the SDS-P segment could see interesting changes.

Source: IDC Market Research.

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