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VMware releases its second update to vSphere 5.5

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September 10, 2014

Earlier this morning, VMware said that it has released its second update to vSphere 5.5. The news in the update is that various hosts can now run up to 6 terabytes of RAM.

To be sure, vCenter Server can now support Oracle 12c, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 and Microsoft SQL Server 2014.

People in the IT community that are currently considering the hybrid cloud get to play with a new container, Hybrid Cloud Service on the vSphere Web Client home page.

The container offers all the bits needed to install VMware's vCloud Air extensions, including the vCloud Connector installer.

There's also a new name for the VMware vShield Endpoint Thin Agent-- it's now called the “VMware Tools Guest Introspection plugin” but there's no major functionality changes in that aspect.

Intel says the update is also ready to consume the many new server metrics its latest Xeons are capable of outputting, the better to enable hardware management.

On the negative side, VMware has surely driven the final nail into Windows XP's coffin by striking it from the list of operating systems supported as hosts for the vSphere web client.

Unsurprisingly, Windows Vista has been dropped as well. VMware has also announced that users need to get busy replacing some third-party libraries that can cause issues for its products.

As far as Linux is concerned, the company's advisory department explains that new versions of Apache Struts, Apache Tomcat, the glibc package and Oracle JRE 1.7 update 55 are all worthy of users' attention.

The update to vSphere is formally known as vSphere 5.5 update 2. We understand that vSphere 6.0 should come to us sometime in early 2015.

Source: VMware.

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