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September 2016 Information Technology News Archives

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Sep. 29, 2016
IEEE approves the specifications for 2.5 and 5 Gbps Ethernet, 802.11bz

Sep. 28, 2016
Yahoo Mail suffers another service disruption in less than a week

Sep. 27, 2016
Detecting software flaws by subjecting the code to bad input?

Sep. 27, 2016
STUN tool can help network admins choose between various connection paths

Sep. 27, 2016
Windows Server 2016 will cost more than 2012

Sep. 26, 2016
NetApp refreshes its all-flash FAS and hybrid arrays

Sep. 26, 2016
Violin Memory trying hard to reinvent itself amid tough times

Sep. 22, 2016
Dell targets companies and organizations running SAP HANA

Sep. 20, 2016
Global Switch 2 experiences second major outage in 3 months

Sep. 19, 2016
Modular Enterprise Java 'MicroProfile' is now available

Sep. 19, 2016
IPv4 address depletion makes measuring the size of the Web more difficult

Sep. 15, 2016
Oracle delays its Java Enterprise Edition 8 to 2017

Sep. 14, 2016
Apache Software Foundation considers taking custody of JDE NetBeans

Sep. 14, 2016
Global server revenue down 0.8 percent, but shipments up two percent

Sep. 13, 2016
Microsoft has several problems with its StorSimple NAS devices

Sep. 12, 2016
IBM unleashes its new Linux-based S-822-LC system

Sep. 8, 2016
U.S. DoE invests $39.8 million in its Exascale Computing Project

Sep. 7, 2016
Coordinating C2C Comms in hardware rather than software

Sep. 6, 2016
Another airline computer glitch, this time it's British Airways

Sep. 1, 2016
VMware's own cloud is now profitable and innovative

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