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July 2016 Information Technology News Archives

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Jul. 28, 2016
C and Java share the top 2 spots in IEEE's latest survey

Jul. 28, 2016
HPE to go ahead with an Itanium refresh cycle for 2017

Jul. 27, 2016
Western Digital starts its test production of 64-layer 3D NAND

Jul. 27, 2016
Intel's new E5-4600 processor is a variant of its E5-2600

Jul. 26, 2016
Wireless keyboards aren't as safe as you might expect them to be

Jul. 20, 2016
Microsoft to add 5 new features to the TCP stack in Windows Server 2016

Jul. 14, 2016
AT&T getting ready to release its virtualisation automation software

Jul. 13, 2016
Microsoft releases details on how Windows Server 2016 will be released

Jul. 12, 2016
Google suffered latency and write errors for 211 minutes on June 28

Jul. 11, 2016
The Internet of Things re-ignites demand for assembly language skills

Jul. 5, 2016
Linux vendors want to stop developing for 32-bit CPUs

Jul. 4, 2016
StoreServ arrays now utilize an ASIC in their storage solutions

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