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August 2016 Information Technology News Archives

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Aug. 31, 2016
Microsoft launches C# SDK for its new language parsing API dubbed LUIS

Aug. 30, 2016
Microsoft releases Windows 10 for IoT Core

Aug. 29, 2016
VMware starts new initiative dubbed Cross-Cloud Architecture

Aug. 25, 2016
IBM to offer software-only storage solution without hardware

Aug. 25, 2016
Red Hat embraces OpenStack’s Neutron with new offering

Aug. 24, 2016
Trying to do two updates at the same time isn't a good idea

Aug. 23, 2016
Microsoft's curl/wget conundrum from a developer's perspective

Aug. 23, 2016
Fujitsu chose 64-bit ARM CPUs for its new exascale supercomputer

Aug. 22, 2016
Scientists say OpenFlow's architecture is inefficient

Aug. 17, 2016
Windows 10 anniversary update crashes on some SSD PCs

Aug. 16, 2016
Intel's new Optane XPoint SSDs and DIMMs could be delayed

Aug. 15, 2016
Microsoft’s Flow scripting engine is now available on Android

Aug. 11, 2016
Violin Memory enters into strategic partnership with GlobalLogic

Aug. 9, 2016
The U.S. government asks its agencies to consider open-source software

Aug. 9, 2016
VMware is in a pickle after buggy release of version 6.2.3

Aug. 8, 2016
Another server outage at a major airline, this time it's Delta

Aug. 8, 2016
More on the software-defined network StreaMonitor system

Aug. 8, 2016
Toshiba makes a 7.68 TB version of its dual-port NVMe flash drive

Aug. 4, 2016
Non-volatile 256-megabit DDR3 server chips soon to ship

Aug. 3, 2016
Britain suffers delayed IT spending caused by Brexit

Aug. 1, 2016
Acronis claims its Backup-12 software is the fastest on the planet

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