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July 2015 Information Technology News Archives

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Jul. 29, 2015
Gartner: fibre channel over Ethernet is obsolete

Jul. 28, 2015
Nasty security flaw in .NET 4.6 software

Jul. 28, 2015
Is BBP really that more secure?

Jul. 28, 2015
Debian drops support for Sparc architecture

Jul. 27, 2015
Internet security flaw discovered in Linux OS

Jul. 27, 2015
Oracle warns ZFS analytics can crash systems

Jul. 22, 2015
Microsoft open-sources its Sora project

Jul. 22, 2015
Druva can help protect sensitive data

Jul. 21, 2015
Flash is a real headache for sysadmins everywhere

Jul. 21, 2015
Old security hole comes back to haunt sysadmins

Jul. 21, 2015
BoM buys Cray-zy petaflop SComp

Jul. 20, 2015
Seagate improves the storage capacity of EVault

Jul. 16, 2015
CloudRouter project launches its 2nd beta release

Jul. 15, 2015
Firms against boosting export controls of software exploits

Jul. 15, 2015
Suse Linux 12 now ships for the x86-64

Jul. 14, 2015
LF highlights which tools are most at risk

Jul. 13, 2015
Apple leans further towards IPv6

Jul. 9, 2015
Microsoft helps by contributing cash to the OpenBSD Foundation

Jul. 7, 2015
Samsung offers new pair of powerful 2 TB solid-state drives

Jul. 6, 2015
Microsoft to increase prices for its Azure cloud

Jul. 2, 2015
Apple’s Swift programming language in top 20 list for the first time

Jul. 2, 2015
Microsoft fixed 300 bugs in its Build 10158 of Windows 10 OS

Jul. 1, 2015
Security vulnerability discovered in Firefox NoScript tool

Jul. 1, 2015
Apple addresses 77 security vulnerabilities in OS X Yosemite

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