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April 2013 Information Technology News Archives

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Apr. 28, 2013
Dutch suspect arrested in Spamhaus DDoS attacks

Apr. 27, 2013
IBM wants to sell its x server division to Lenovo

Apr. 25, 2013
Britain's government hit by over 33,000 malicious emails a day

Apr. 25, 2013
Fusion-io acquires hybrid flash-disk array vendor NexGen

Apr. 24, 2013
Mini-size PC motherboards for just $35 to $45

Apr. 23, 2013
File access storage to soon become a hot item

Apr. 23, 2013
Sales of legacy storage arrays to stop growing, flatten out soon

Apr. 22, 2013
IBM improves the speed and performance of its DB2 product

Apr. 21, 2013
Internet user rights under attack like never before

Apr. 20, 2013
Sprint to launch network that features the FDD and TDD flavors of LTE

Apr. 19, 2013
One year in jail for hacking into Sony's servers

Apr. 19, 2013
IBM's first quarter results lower than expected

Apr. 18, 2013
Most of the software on GitHub is released under confusing license terms

Apr. 18, 2013
Security researchers discover malware that targets stock trading apps

Apr. 17, 2013
Microsoft to collect a royalty payment for every device made by Foxconn

Apr. 17, 2013
Intel PC chip sales down 6 percent from a year ago

Apr. 16, 2013
The Linux Foundation embraces the Xen open source platform

Apr. 16, 2013
Wordpress still the favorite blog platform target of hackers

Apr. 16, 2013
Silverlight simply not living up to the hype

Apr. 15, 2013
PayPal patches critical SQL injection hole on its platform

Apr. 15, 2013
Dell has to keep up with its many rivals in the networking segment

Apr. 12, 2013
Check Point to add cyber-espionage defense in its enterprise firewalls

Apr. 12, 2013
Google installs monitoring technology on its servers

Apr. 11, 2013
ICANN needs to defend the public's best interest

Apr. 10, 2013
Western Digital unveils 12 Gbit/s SAS SSDs

Apr. 9, 2013
Salesforce updates its mobile SDK, makes it easier for app developers

Apr. 9, 2013
Report suggests Windows software scores low on security

Apr. 9, 2013
Just in case you wonder, flash disks aren't perfect

Apr. 8, 2013
Windows XP still used by a staggering 40 percent of all PCs

Apr. 8, 2013
Source Forge software repository site was hacked into

Apr. 7, 2013
Microsoft cuts into VMware's virtualization market share

Apr. 6, 2013
PGP is already 22 years old, and now it might be revitalized

Apr. 5, 2013
Gartner: PC sales are in permanent decline thanks to tablets

Apr. 5, 2013
Polish biomedical research center chooses IBM's Blue Gene/Q

Apr. 4, 2013
Security patches have been released for ownCloud

Apr. 3, 2013
Microsoft releases first big update to Exchange Server 2013

Apr. 2, 2013
IBM releases its own branded version of Notes

Apr. 1, 2013
Windows 8 still has a long way to go to become mainstream

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