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June 2012 Information Technology News Archives

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Jun. 29, 2012
Governments are skeptical, is ICANN doing its job right?

Jun. 28, 2012
The carnage at Research In Motion continues, company turns in a loss

Jun. 28, 2012
Apple launches its AirPort Express base station system

Jun. 27, 2012
European court upheld most of a huge fine levied against Microsoft

Jun. 26, 2012
New group to accelerate the adoption of iOS in the enterprise segment

Jun. 22, 2012
New security vulnerability discovered in Firefox browser

Jun. 21, 2012
Oracle loses copyright infringement case with Google

Jun. 21, 2012
Reducing storage network latency in the enterprise segment

Jun. 20, 2012
EMC launches high-performance version of its mid-range VNX array

Jun. 19, 2012
ARM doubles the speed on some of its GPUs

Jun. 18, 2012
Six men in Tokyo arrested over Android malware scam

Jun. 16, 2012
AMD announces Cloudera certification for Colfax server clusters

Jun. 12, 2012
By delaying the iPhone 5, Apple could actually be helping Samsung

Jun. 12, 2012
Cisco inks deal with Fusion-io

Jun. 11, 2012
Apple unveils its new MacBook Air at its annual WWDC

Jun. 11, 2012
Stanford University's Hot Chips 24 symposium to be held Aug. 27 to 29

Jun. 7, 2012
AT&T presses the FCC to accelerate spectrum license transfers

Jun. 7, 2012
The UN cannot be allowed to control the internet

Jun. 5, 2012
Sun Hosting's network is ready for IPv6 Launch Day tomorrow

Jun. 4, 2012
The Chinese government finds itself in an embarrassing position regarding 3G

Jun. 2, 2012
Will business ignore Windows 8 as they did Vista?

Jun. 1, 2012
Hong Kong companies equally at risk from hackers based in China

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