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November 2009 Information Technology News Archives

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Nov. 27, 2009
Oracle's controversial acquisition of Sun reaches Congress

Nov. 26, 2009
Progress being made on the TLS renegotiation attacks

Nov. 25, 2009
Microsoft: Windows 7 sales better than expected

Nov. 24, 2009
IE security hole leaks private information from PDF files

Nov. 23, 2009
New Ubuntu distribution to drop GIMP

Nov. 18, 2009
OWF releases open specification agreement

Nov. 18, 2009
MID usage for non-voice communications rising fast

Nov. 18, 2009
Google's Android and Apple's iPhone are after RIM's business

Nov. 17, 2009
Android 2.0 source code now available from Google

Nov. 13, 2009
Let's be crystal clear on Linux and open source

Nov. 13, 2009
Qualcomm offers new 3G and 4G wireless chipsets

Nov. 12, 2009
Novell and Microsoft still happy together

Nov. 12, 2009
Obama to streamline the process of the broadband stimulus program

Nov. 9, 2009
A new security hole has been discovered in the SSL protocol

Nov. 6, 2009
A small footprint Linux networking server

Nov. 5, 2009
Google defends its decision to allow Android tweaking

Nov. 5, 2009
Nokia Siemens Networks reorganizes as a company

Nov. 4, 2009
MIPS Technologies announces two new cores optimized for Linux

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