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August 2009 Information Technology News Archives

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Aug. 29, 2009
Australia gives every high school student a laptop

Aug. 28, 2009
Linux not feeling any pain during the economic downturn

Aug. 27, 2009
Intel to introduce its new Core i7 CPU for laptops

Aug. 27, 2009
Sony introduces its new ebook reader, the Reader Daily Edition

Aug. 25, 2009
Did i4i really win its case against Microsoft?

Aug. 21, 2009
IEEE to focus on better security standards

Aug. 20, 2009
Some updated statistics on the Linux kernel

Aug. 19, 2009
Aborted CA security update creates lots of confusion

Aug. 19, 2009
Linux vendor revenue grew over 23 percent in 2008

Aug. 17, 2009
The CentOS project appears to be back on track, at least for now

Aug. 15, 2009
U.S. government servers need to be replaced with new ones

Aug. 13, 2009
Oracle unveils its VM Template Builder

Aug. 12, 2009
Nokia and Microsoft tackle the enterprise segment

Aug. 12, 2009
Apple fixes 6 security flaws in its Safari Web browser

Aug. 11, 2009
AMD adds two new Dual-Core processors

Aug. 6, 2009
Criminals place fake ATM in Las Vegas hotel

Aug. 6, 2009
Google's Android OS about to go mainstream

Aug. 5, 2009
A look at Novell's new SUSE Studio Internet-based service

Aug. 3, 2009
ABLEconf returns to UAT on Oct. 24

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